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Dreams Motorsports is setting up facilities to help riders and streetbike freestyle riders from all over the world to fulfil their dreams. With proper guidance and skill-set, we are sure that India will be next pioneer in all fields of Motorsports. This will be the first fully integrated academy for Riding & Stunt Riding in India. The academy is scheduled to start in April 2018. Everyone out there who wish to hone up their skills or want to learn the skills of steetbike freestyle and riding, can REGISTER NOW for regular updates.


Dreams Training Academy


Dreams Motorsports is in the process of setting up a Riding and StreetBike Freestyle Academy in India. This academy will organise various courses for riding for women, physically challenged and others. There will be courses on StreetBike Freestyle by trained professionals from around the world.
The courses offered are Basic Riding Courses, Basic Stunt Riding Courses & Professional Stunt Riding Courses. All these courses have certifications option.


Dreams Motorsports is already in talks with various government bodies in India and abroad for setting up of facilities for academies. Along with that various Non-Government bodies and organisations have also come forward in this initiative to help us promote and encourage Indian riders. We plan to have the academy operational by April 2018 in India. Admissions will start in January 2018 for the first batch.