BASE Jumping

Live off the edge

If jumping off 15000 fts from an aeroplane is too easy for you and you want to have more thrills, BASE Jumping is for you. One of the most extreme air sport in the world. It is dangerous and that makes it more interesting. We at Dreams Motorsports- Adventure Sports Unit offer you this thrill and excitement. You can come & learn the basics of BASE Jumping from professionals both offline and online. OR you can go and watch a live BASE Jump event worldwide. ENQUIRE NOW for more details. 



All About Base Jumping

BASE jumping is parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure or cliff. “BASE” is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth (cliff). Due to the lower altitudes of the jumps, BASE jumping is significantly more dangerous than skydiving from a plane. In the U.S., BASE jumping is currently regarded by many as a fringe extreme sport or stunt.



People often think why do some keep on jumping even after knowing the risks and dangers. Well, top 10 reasons are:
Unique: If you could find a sport which few others did, was unique and required a great amount of skill to achieve, would that attract you? It definitely does the chosen few, who feel the need to tread a new line, one where they could have ‘first experiences’ that no-one else has ever had.
Risk: If you think risk an attractive thing, not something to avoid and you want to live off the edge- like literally off the edge, this is for you. The danger is ever present and a conscious and consistent effort is needed to stay alime risk is attractive.
Self Determination: If you love the fact that you are completely responsible for your own safety. There is no Chief Instructor to look after you, just your own survival instinct. That sense of self determination is one of the things people really love about base.
Being the First: Being the first person to do a new exit gives people a great sense of endeavour. BASE is actually an acronym – Building, Antenna, Span (bridge) and Earth (cliff). That phrase was coined a long time ago at the birth of BASE Jumping. However, there are many more unusual objects these days which do not quite fit into that model: Wind turbines, Statues, Chimneys, Cranes, Colliery head stocks, Dams, etc.
Respect: Respect plays a small part in the reason why base jumpers practice their craft. For some, it really is a “look at me, look at me” approach, for others they largely keep it a secret. Even for those who participate in secrecy, still feel a sense of self worth, respect and personal achievement.
Liberation: “Every time you step off the exit, you are both dead and alive at the same time.” That is incredibly liberating. Further, it is very exhilarating to see the rock whizzing past your feet and it makes your few kilograms of flesh look pretty insignificant. That triviality puts your place on the earth in perspective, but it also inexplicably gives you a sense of achievement at the same time.
The Community: You get a chance to meet some unique and amazing personalities in base jumping. It is common practice to visit the objects of other jumpers in other countries. It is a great opportunity to make new friends and they will often act as a ‘tour guide’ showing you some of their local objects. This works both ways.
Travelling: Travelling is another key part of the sport. You get to see the aurora borealis in Norway, jungle water falls in Brazil, remote sea cliffs in Scotland and beautiful cityscapes at night; it is the places that make it so special. You could argue that a 200ft scraggy antenna is not beautiful, but a BASE Jumper would disagree. As you climb the ladder, the world around you changes from a somewhat 2-dimensional perspective to that of being above it. Looking down from the exit point, you are inexorably connected to the world below you via a latticework of steel stretching out below. Other than the odd telecoms engineer and urban explorer, you are seeing the world from a seldom-visited angle.
Conquering Your Fears: Standing in a wingsuit at the top of a 6000ft mountain is scary. This could be the final moment on the earth. Too little fear and you become complacent. Too much and you risk being like a deer frozen in the headlights of an approaching truck. In the middle is a place where you are ‘in the zone’, the fear is controlled and you can perform. Getting yourself into that mental place is a challenge and an achievement in its own right. Conquering one’s fears is an exploration of self and one’s own potential.
Fun: The last reason to base jump is because it’s so much fun.