Stunt Riding

Two Wheels Move The Soul, How About One!

StreetBike Freestyle or Stunt Riding is very popular in Western Countries, but not much in India. We at Dreams Motorsports want to promote StreetBike Freestyle throughout the country at all levels. We wish to give stunt riders a chance and a global platform to showcase their skills. It will be via multi city stunt shows and national & international level competitions. We are also in the process of providing training to nurture the raw talents of our young generation stunt riders. ENQUIRE NOW to see how we can help you move ahead.


All About Stunt Riding

StreetBike Freestyle often referred to as Stunt Riding or Stunting is defined as ‘a motorcycle sport characterized by StreetBike Freestyle involving acrobatic manoeuvring of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider. Common maneuvers in StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) include wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts. Sport bikes have become a common vehicle for StreetBike Freestyle.’  It is a growing sport worldwide, however not a very popular one in India. In India, the current scenario of bike StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) segment is highly unpopular and unorganized. Dreams Motorsports is one of the pioneers in this field in India and the only organization in India to be officially recognized by International Stunt Riding Federation.


Dreams Motorsports organizes bike StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) shows all over the world.  Tie-ups with the best bike StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) teams and individuals from all over the world, makes Dreams Motorsports an ideal partner for any organization looking for an amazing StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) show. Dreams Motorsports takes care of each and every thing right from the beginning till the end. Selection of venues, Marketing and promotion of shows, travel and accommodation of StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) teams, media coverage and management of shows is taken care of by a dedicated team of Dreams Motorsports.


Dreams Motorsports successfully organized and managed seven StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) shows for Suzuki Two Wheelers Limited (India) under Suzuki Carnival. The shows took place at Kochi (December 10, 2016), Calicut (December 11, 2016), Mangalore (December 16, 2016), Goa (December 18, 2016), Hyderabad & Bhubaneshwar (Both on January 7, 2017)    and Raipur (February 15, 2017). All arrangements related to travel; accommodation, food and StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) teams’ requirements were handled by Dreams Motorsports.


Dreams Motorsports is proud to have various partners from different segments. Major collaborations include Dreams Motorsports -ISA, Indonesia for StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) Championships, Dreams Motorsports – Jagran Solutions – Suzuki Two Wheelers Limited (India) for StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) Shows and Dreams Motorsports – Wheeling Group, Brazil for StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) Championship.