Ride for Records

Ride for Dreams. Ride for Records.

For many people round the world, riding is like blood in their veins. Ride for Records will let the world know what one can achieve in this field. Ride for Records is not just a ride or an expedition or a biking tour; it’s a concept- A dream concept to let world know what one is made of. Riding to create and set parameters for others. Riding to create history through World Records. Riding to live and re-live dreams.

Registrations open for Ride for Records: India 2017.


For those who Live to Ride

Dreams Motorsports has collaborated with various World Record Certifying Organisations like Guinness Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records to bring into reality the Ride for Records concept. The first expedition is Ride for Records: India 2017, the biggest attempt to set and break numerous records in a single expedition. The long list of World Records is what makes this completely different from any other tour or ride or expedition in the world. Moreover, its not only individual records but there are also associations to certify Biker Clubs, Colleges and Companies as record holders.
A normal male biker has options to go on a road trip alone, but in India its still quite difficult to be the done by a female, a differently abled person or a senior citizen. Ride for Records: India 2017 is an opportunity for these people to be a part of history, while fulfilling their dreams. It is a dream to ride in the most beautiful terrain of the world with the most amazing team of riders from all around the world. The ride will promote People with Disabilities and Females to go out there and fulfil their dreams.
The idea behind this was pretty simple- Let everyone have a chance to fulfil their dream of riding in the Indian Himalayas; and make this super special moment of life by becoming multiple World Record Holders.
So if you have it in you, Ride for Records. Ride for Dreams.



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