RFR: Asia

Numerous World Records. 6000+ KMs. Top Riders from All Over the World. 1 Epic Expedition. Ride for Dreams. Ride for Records.

Dreams Motorsports has collaborated with various World Record Certifying Organisations to make Ride for Records: Asia, one of the biggest attempts to set Ride for Records: Asia is the second riding expedition that has never been attempted. A ride to create unforeseen records in the beautiful terrains and varied landscapes of the Asian continent. Top riders from around the world coming together to create history. This journey takes you to places unimaginable and routes unexplored. The terrain is tough yet serene and beautiful. Right from the start the feeling is entirely different. India Gate, New Delhi, India is the place where the expedition starts from & then goes through Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia before reaching Singapore. A 6000+ KMs ride is an amazing experience in itself.


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