Asia Stunt Championship

To Chose the Best Stunt Riders of Asia

Dreams Motorsports will organize StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) Championship Asia in Thailand / UAE / India annually under the aegis of International Stunt Riding Federation, UK. Best StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt) riders from all the countries in Asia will come together to take part in this competition. There would be a qualification round, which will ensure that only the top 20 riders be a part of the final competition. This is a continent level championship to choose the best StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt) riders from Asia by the most renowned Judges in the field. These winners will take part in the World StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) Championship representing Asia. These would be a separate Women’s Category for female StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt) riders from the continent.



All About Asian Championship