National Stunt Championship

To Chose the Best Stunt Riders of India

Dreams Motorsports is in the process of organizing National StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) Championship in India annually under the aegis of International Stunt Riding Federation. Local level competitions will be held at multiple cities to choose the best StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt) rider from each zone. Then these StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt) riders will compete against each other at the final event at New Delhi in front of Internally Famed Judges. The competition will be for individuals and there would also be a Team Category. The winners will get name, fame, money and a chance to represent India at the StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding) Riding Championship: Asia. This will give Indian StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt) riders a chance to showcase their skills at an International platform. Register yourself and your team to take part in the championship.



All About National Championship